Terra HillScape
At Terra HillScape, Nature is not a Place to Visit, It is your own Home
Terra HillScape is an intricately designed secured community, offering a captivating way to relish the beauty of Coorg. Nestled within 13 acres of flourishing plantations, the cottages and villas have undergone meticulous planning, design, and execution, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. This meticulous approach enhances every aspect of your stay, from the layout of the residences to the overall atmosphere, offering an unparalleled experience that truly elevates your connection with the natural surroundings.



Invest in your property and acquire more than just a house – embrace the captivating beauty that harmonizes with nature's tranquil charm.


Terra HillScape provides a tranquil haven where you can escape the hustle and bustle, claiming your own piece of paradise. Unwind and recharge!


Experience a contemporary nature getaway with mountain views, refreshing breezes, waterfalls, and serene streams.

Return on Investment

Break free from stagnant investments at Terra HillScape. Opt for property leasing to yield dividends and foster financial growth.

Property Appreciation

Situated just 3.5km from the burgeoning city center, it represents a promising investment with escalating property values.

Return on Investment

At Nirvana Resorts, break free from stagnant investments. Choose property leasing
for dividends and
financial growth.

Property Appreciation

Nirvana Resorts: Just 3.5 km from the growing city center, a promising investment with soaring property values.

Master Plan

Nestled within the Western Ghats, Coorg is a lush paradise adorned with Nature's beauty, showcasing an array of countless green hues. The landscape features mountains, hills, valleys, sholas, paddy fields, grasslands, coffee plantations, pepper, cardamom plants, and orange orchards. Amidst this breathtaking scenery flows the life-giving river Cauvery.


Value Proposition

Yield from Agricultural Produce on Your Property

Indulge in a fully equipped spa experience

Multi-Cuisine restaurant in your background

Ensured safety right at your doorstep

Convenient laundry services brought to you

Receive a fruit basket delivered promptly

Grocery deliveries right to your door

Access state-of-the-art health clubs

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